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Protective Environment (PE) Isolation room El Demerdash cobalt Hospital

El Demerdash Hospital
Design & Construction
El Demerdash Hospital

A well-designed healthcare space can provide greater efficiency for healthcare workers and safety for patients.

The design of every space can either promote or hinder healing. The novel COVID-19 outbreak has brought hospital design and infection prevention to the forefront.

In our collaboration with El-Demerdash Cobalt hospital, Character Design Architects has renovated and functionally adapted some of the critical spaces to address worst-case infection scenarios.

Character Design Architects team integrates the hospital design and engineering with occupants’ safety. We focus on creating functional spaces that provide health and safety especially for immunosuppressed patients in cobalt hospitals.

We transformed a regular patient’s room to a positive pressure isolation room (Class P) with all the specifications and design requirements necessary to ensure patients’ safety and well-being.

Ultimately, Character Design Architects is very judicious about incorporating only evidence-based and research-based design solutions. The renovated isolation room design focused on hindering infection transmission through implementing the following design interventions:

– Designing an Anteroom or airlock lobby working as a barrier against the potential loss of pressurization.

– A clinical hand washbasin.

– An ensuite shower and toilet.

– Self-closing door.

– Elimination of dust-collecting surfaces and spaces that can accumulate and transfer germs.

– HVAC system that provides 100% fresh air maintaining positive pressure in relation to the anteroom and ambient pressure.

– HEPA filters on supply air.

– Antibacterial and antistatic paints for all surfaces.

– Pressure monitoring.

– Low-level exhaust. 

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