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Architectural & Landscape Design

Our research based design solutions are meant to create a built environment that improves health and well-being and positively affect the users. We consider the design as a process of problem solving. We believe that successful design results from the thorough study for every phase in the building life cycle. We initiate the design process by considering our client’s goals and needs, then we proceed in collecting information, brain storm and analyse the ideas and concepts to be drafted. The drafting process starts by introducing a conceptual idea and we proceed geared by our clients’ feedback till we reach the final solution as a 3d virtual model.

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Interior Design

we offer a variety of residential and commercial interior design services. We believe that each project is unique, so we provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services tailored to their individual needs. With our extensive experience in the design and definition of all kinds of spaces, we take you through an interesting journey that includes a survey about your life style. We simply create the space through you. You determine the style and mood of each space and all the details to allow us to create a functional and attractive environment that lift you emotionally and spiritually. During the design process, you’ll be able to see your suggested style and mood, space arrangements, photos of recommended furnishings, and samples of finishes, fabrics and colors so you can envision the results. We have endless options that can fit timing and budget desired by our clients.

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Construction Management

We are strongly committed to going through the construction process with exceptional value and service. Our professional construction and management expertise carry out a market-based pre-construction analysis to reduce any uncertainties that might cause projects fluctuation regarding time and cost. We take the responsibility of leading, coordinating, budgeting, scheduling and supervising the work.

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Environmental Design

With our environmental design service, we add the quality to your home by improving indoor thermal comfort and integration with the outdoor climate. Our design will reduce your electricity bills and optimize the utilization for natural lighting using the latest simulation tools and standards on the local and international level. We guarantee a hygienic and healthy indoor environment in addition to a direct consultation and advice for an optimal user behavior.

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