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A.M. Residence

Interior Design
New Cairo

This residence combines a variety of influences where the interior style and mood of every space is different from the other. In the ground floor reception area, the style is a synthesis of classic and traditional elements. This mix of elements and influences creates a beautifully balanced and harmonized interior that are simple yet lavish. The family living zone is located in the basement floor. Its design respond to the client’s need to create a soothing and tranquil sanctuary that incorporates all family activities and respite from the rush of the outside world. The design aims at creating open clear space with minimalistic lines and paper panelled windows to evoke an oriental look. The interiors make good use of neutral earthy colours along with the subtle light to create an intimate atmosphere.

Moving to the upper floor, the interiors of every bedroom is quite different. every transition from one space to another is marked by a change in the interior style and mood adding to the versatility and vitality of the interior spaces. Walking through the house leads to a journey of contrasting feelings.


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