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T.S Villa

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Hacienda Compound

The remodeling of this 1,200 m2 villa was a real challenge. Our goal was to remodel the elevation whilst keeping harmony and a degree of unity with what exists. The elevation was designed as a monolithic object that has a crystalline sensibility that makes the different elements and components of the elevation seem to be one, a whole instead of parts.

The internal living space was designed to be equipped with a deck that interacts with the external landscape, visually connecting the built volume and interiors to the trees and landscape outside.

A pool was designed in the outdoor area and the internal spaces were also remodeled to incorporate a heavy-duty kitchen, pool house, sauna, and all the required services.

Since the best views can often be admired from up on the roof of a house, the design tried to take better advantage of the roof by creating an external access through a flying staircase that was designed as part of the elevation. This staircase revived the roof area and created the best outdoor living area with the best view ever.

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