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Megaproject of “Semi-automatic hot-dip galvanization plant” with El-Sewedy Industrial Group

El-Sewedy Industrial Group
Project Management
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It is undeniable that the construction industry has a significant impact on our environment. Architects have many issues to tackle to make our world more sustainable and efficient.

In Character Design Architects, we believe that we should contribute to promoting sustainable natural cycles through more efficient resource management, maximizing product life, and minimizing or ending waste generation. We are proud to work with # El Sewedy Industrial Group and introduce our owner’s representative program for the project management of the first Eco-friendly galvanization plant in Egypt. 

The facility is designed to produce zero-waste, thus, reduce the climate impact, conserve resources, and minimize pollution.  

We are taking the lead towards managing the project life cycle starting from revising the design drawings, value engineering, evaluating the constructability, safety, economic, environmental, and operational benefits of alternative designs, and coordinating between different disciplines during all phases. We deliver value for money by providing the highest standards of project management and consultancy services.

We were honored to work with the experienced team from ANI METAL, One of the leading plant suppliers in the hot-dip galvanizing industry, as well as El Sewedy Industrial Group.







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