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Sparkling Dunes

The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi
Design Competition
The Rub' al Khali Desert, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Short-listed project Mega Dunes Eco Lodge International

Project Description.

Our concept is to keep this primitive virginal land with minimum man intervention. The existing lodge should be in harmony with the existing context. Nothing should be observed as disturbing or odd both on land and from the sky.

The target is when this lodge is dissembled, the place and its creations can return to their primary state where nothing is observed or disturbed by any man-made creations.

During the day, the lodge looks like the existing dunes. During the night, it’s a sparkling galaxy settled on land!

An Aerodynamic approach

The aerodynamic and kinematic studies that explains the dunes formation has inspired the mass, form, and morphology of our units’ design.

Crescent-shaped dunes that propagates with wind direction have a wave-like behavior. Our design aims at achieving the same wave-like theme that undulates in harmony with the existing natural context.

Building Materials

The Double-glazing sand-filled panels affords a very good thermal insulation. The principle behind double-glazing is that by enclosing a cavity of dry sand between two sheets of glass, heat exchange by convection is reduced and the low thermal conductivity of the air limits heat loss by conduction.

Using this composite section is the first step towards providing thermal comfort inside the units and promote the use of sustainable air conditioning systems.




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